It was the year 1990. The era of the Soviet Union was coming to an end. For several years groups of young guys who adored motorcycles and loved to ride and repair their motorcycles together were emerging in Vilnius, the capital of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania. For most of them it was some kind of protest against the hateful system, and some charm added knowledge that such activities were forbidden (it only takes to remember the laws operating at that time prohibiting riding in groups of more than three motorcyclists). That was the beginning of the movement of Rockers (the term used at that time) in Lithuania.

As the time went by, the movement became increasingly popular and started to spread throughout Lithuania. Over a thousand of rockers from all Lithuania would gather to the season opening festival traditionally held in Vilnius. The events were spectacular.

As the political situation started to change and recently proclaimed independence of Lithuania was facing a threat, the bikers became actively involved – they participated in demonstrations, various events organized by Sajudis movement, guarded the House of Press and the Parliament.

On one of those vigilant nights near the Parliament lighted by bonfires, while waiting for soviet tanks, a group of friends came up with the idea to establish the first MC club in the independent Lithuania.

The name popped up by itself. Trying to avoid the then militia we usually rode at nights, our motorcycles were without mufflers, and we used to make lot of noise. Most citizens called us “crazy”. And there it was – CRAZY IN THE DARK MC (the club was officially registered by the name “Crazy in the dark”).

Some time later in 1996, the blazon and symbols of the club were created according to the international regulations of MC clubs.

After regaining independence in 1991, economic and political turmoil in Lithuania caused various difficulties, nevertheless, the period was interesting – everything was changing, recreating. The club actively participated in social activities, served as guardians in most rock concerts which took place at that time, organized and participated in numerous meetings, jamborees.

Most members of the club used to ride two-cycle Russian “Izh” or Czech “Jawa” motorcycles. Famous motorcycles “Harley-Davidson”, ones we knew only from movies at that time, seemed to us as a distant and unattainable dream.

Later on many bikers began to change their two-cycle motorcycles into four-cycle “Dniepr” or “Ural”, which were no more reliable. Strange, as it may sound today, a 300 km journey to the Baltic Sea used to take twenty four hours or even longer…

This period wonderfully sums up reflections of the American bikers who travelled Baltic countries, published in the popular journal “Easyriders” in 1994: these guys paint their motorcycles in paints intended for apartment renovation, used to drive without helmets and they are not very popular among the police.

As the time went by, our club also changed. In 1996, many members obtained custom type Japanese motorcycles imported from the Western Europe or the USA . The same year we decided to make some corrections to our “colours” (so called bikers club symbols, mostly worn on the back of waistcoats). New “colours” were to reflect the name of the club and express its goals. It was complicated but fascinating creative activity. Each element of the “colours” was not accidentally but carefully chosen: a snake, swallowing its tail represents madness and infinity; the moon represents the dark; the reaper with the bell on its neck – wandering, dangers and detachment from public. Such symbols of the club remained the same until now.

From the year 1998, the CRAZY IN THE DARK MC started actively to organize various events. The first great event organized by the bikers took place in Trakai. It lasted three days; most popular Lithuanian rock groups performed, various competitions took place. Here are several revealing facts of the event: three tons of petrol were burnt, two tons of beer were consumed. Some other interesting numbers: one hundred and seventy five tons of metal, one and a half ton of sound system, a kilometre-length column of motorcycles, and, unfortunately, few broken girls hearts…

Today we can claim that CRAZY DAYS (such was the title of the festival, fully reflecting its content J ) was the most important “bike show” type event that lead to other events of such kind and greatly contributed to the movement of bikers in Lithuania at that time. A great success of the event proved its necessity. That gave the incentive to organize the festival annually. CRAZY DAYS was held up to the year 2003 on the second weekend of August.

The same year, 1998, our club started organizing season opening events traditionally held annually on the first Saturday of May, and season closing events held annually on the first Saturday of September. It became a tradition that is continued until now.

Since 1997, the CRAZY IN THE DARK MC has been participating in various events for bikers not only in Lithuania but also abroad. During the Latgale festival held in Latvia the club established relationship with Latvian bikers, and when the ties between the clubs became stronger, in 2004, the CRAZY IN THE DARK MC associated itself with the oldest Latvian club of bikers ORDENIS MC.

Today, as the members of our club actively travel to different European countries, participate in the events organized by other clubs, friendly relations with other MC clubs have been initiated.

Due to the fact that the movement of the bikers becomes more popular and other MC clubs constantly emerge, the necessity to coordinate common activity arose. As a result, the first congress of the bikers, initiated by the major MC clubs of Lithuania, was held in Kaunas in 2005. During the congress the Council of four clubs was elected, one of which is the CRAZY IN THE DARK MC.

The club grew and expanded, CRAZY IN THE DARK MC Alytus and CRAZY IN THE DARK MC Nomads adapters were founded, club houses opened in Alytus and OSW, Poland, active participation in biker events in Lithuania and abroad. It can be said that a bunch of years have passed unnoticed – in 2021, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Club. The story continues…